Using Commercial Dishwashers at Home

Commercial dishwasher is currently one of the machines or equipment that hotels and restaurants considered as one of the most important thing to have. But because of the comfort it can give to any user, even simple households are also using the machine now. It is simply because the machine is more energy saver and hygienically wise. These dishwashers are really useful in cleaning and are also disinfectant machines even though the price is quite high but it is also a good investment that is useful to any household or any business that would need it dishwasher repair pasadena.

There are many advantages of using this kind of equipment as ware washing machines can sanitize more than any mechanical dishwasher, less use of detergent yet the silvers, plates,pots and pans are still clean enough. These dishwashers can wash the plates at 55 degrees, and rinse at an average temperature of 82 degrees, ensuring that the plates are cleansed of any germs or bacteria. It is more durable, more environmentally friendly, faster, and even more efficient.

There are many types of commercial dishwashers including under counter, single tank, conveyor, flight type, and carousel machines all of these machines work the same its up to the user which machine is more appropriate to use in his or her own establishment or place.

The energy usage of the commercial dishwasher is much more efficient. Even better, while it requires around 30 amps to run, it can be adapted to run on only 13 amps of power, making it energy efficient. Each wash will use around 2.5 liters of water, compared to 15-35 for the domestic, and each of those 2.5 liters of water will only require up to 8 pence worth of detergent. And when you can clean a maximum of 540 plates an hour compared to 36, it is clear that the commercial dishwasher is the superior machine.

Since commercial dishwasher is a quite higher in price compared to ordinary mechanical dishwasher it is better to consider the quality and brand of the machine. Some of these brands are best to consider because of the noise levels; we must all remember that the lower the decibels the quieter the appliance will be. For its care and maintenance, all users should remember to keep the filter clean of waste. Stacking loads correctly, make sure that the dishwasher are neatly stacked so not to obscure certain items from cleaning and not precariously loaded to avoid breakages during the wash.

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